Get HughesNet in California

HughesNet® is America’s #1 choice for satellite Internet, utilizing the latest satellite technology to provide you fast Internet connectivity with comprehensive data packages. HughesNet is available everywhere, even in rural areas with no other high-speed options available. Installation is painless with satellite because there is no need for cables or wires like you need with cable providers, or a dedicated phone line you need for DSL service

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HughesNet Is Your Best Choice for Los Angeles Internet

HughesNet is your best option for high-speed internet in Los Angeles, and for those living in rural areas and want a high-speed connection but aren’t serviced by cable or DSL providers. While Dial-up may be an option, it can’t provide the speed or meet your data needs like HughesNet Internet. With download speed 25 Mbps†† and 3 Mbps upload speed, you’ll have more than enough speed for all of your favorite online activities, like social networking, streaming videos, sharing photos, and surfing the web

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Why Choose HughesNet Gen5

Gen5 is the 5th generation of satellite Internet from HughesNet, the most trusted name in satellite Internet. HughesNet has been delivering high-speed satellite Internet to residential and small business customers across the country, consistently ranking #1 by the FCC‡‡ in delivering advertised speeds, and even exceeding advertised speeds at higher rates than any other provider, including cable, fiber and DSL. Ranking first among satellite Internet providers in categories including delivering advertised speeds, consistency of speed and web browsing performance. Customers everywhere depend on HughesNet Internet to deliver speed and reliability, and with Gen5, they’re getting faster speeds, more data and built in Wi-Fi

Stay Up-to-Date with the HughesNet Mobile App

Customers everywhere when you download the Hughes Net Mobile App to your IOS or Android device you’ll have access to a number of features including:

  • Check data usage
  • Pay your bill
  • Buy a Data Token
  • Check Wi-Fi signal strength

It’s now simple to check your HughesNet account and make sure you’re not exceeding your limits by referencing the usage meter. The usage meter lets you know how much you’ve used, the rate, and how much remains. You can access your usage meter through the app or by logging into your account with your username and password.

HughesNet Mobile application